Just For Fun

You Know You’re a Crossroads Irish Dancer When …

  1. Your wardrobe consist of lots of purple and black
  2. You know what “Parade Punch” truly is.
  3. You’ll scream if one more routine ends in that “up up jump two three, up up jump two three, point bow, jump two three and jump two three” step.
  4. You get to a dance out and have no clue what you are supposed to be doing.
  5. A normal evening of class consists of saying “I remember that step” at least once.
  6. A bad practice means that the person responsible for snacks that week forgot to bring them.
  7. A good practice means that you managed to make it through class without crashing into someone
  8. You’ve heard the legend of the “Train Wreak”
  9. You know the best part of a dance out is the fun lunch or dinner afterwards.
  10.  You enjoy the companionship just as much as the dancing.

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